SDC Upgrade.

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The best way how to upgrade the SDC is to follow the steps in our documentation here. Then you will not miss any important step.

A general process to make sure that all pipelines will run properly after an upgrade would be:

  1. Go through Pre Upgrade tasks.
  2. Follow our documentation for the respective installation that you are using: TarballRPM, or Installation with Cloudera Manager.
  3. Go through Post Upgrade tasks.
  4. When an external system is upgraded to a new version, you can check also "Working with Upgraded External Systems" chapter in our documentation.

Part of the upgrade process is to make a back up of some important directories. Please make sure that you don't miss this step at any upgrade. In the case, something goes wrong, you can bring your latest pipelines and configuration from the backup.

Please note that downgrade is not supported. This also means that pipelines from later version (e.g. SDC cannot be imported to an older version (SDC Therefore, it is always important to make a backup of these directories before an upgrade.

All links included are for the latest SDC version, please notice the word "latest" in the following link:

If you want to upgrade to a different version, replace the word "latest" with a respective version. For example, if you want to upgrade to the SDC, you can go to:

You should always make sure that you follow the documentation for the version that you are upgrading the SDC.


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