Pipeline doesn't exist.

  • 24 May 2022
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On pipeline validation or start, you see this exception:

com.streamsets.datacollector.store.PipelineStoreException: CONTAINER_0209 - Pipeline state file '/data/runInfo/myPipeline/0/pipelineState.json' doesn't exists.


The only workaround how to get around this error is to recreate your pipeline.  Before doing so, check to see if the following files exist for the pipeline in question:

  • rules.json
  • uiinfo.json
  • pipeline.json
  • Info.json

By running the following command:

ls -ltrR <SDC_DATA_DIR>

If all four files are not present then the pipeline has been deleted, possibly because

  • One of your users has deleted the pipeline while you are working on the same pipeline and the REST call from UI to fetch the pipeline fails
  • Someone may have stopped/removed the pipeline from StreamSets Control Hub, which will delete the pipeline from StreamSets Data Collector.


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