MySQL Binary Log UTF-8 STRING problem

  • 24 August 2022
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I am trying to set up a MySQL CDC pipeline where one of the columns is of type BINARY. 
I'm using “MySQL Binary Log" for this and have run into an issue where the processor tries to decode every BINARY column into a UTF-8 STRING, inserting a bunch of UTF replacement characters and corrupting the data (example below). 
Have I misconfigured the processor or is this a bug? 


2 replies

Hi Mike,

It looks like this issue may be caused by your Java Runtime Environment using a non-UTF-8 characterset.

Here is a Community Article which may be helpful to troubleshoot if this is the root cause:

Please let us know if this turns out to be the root cause of your problem.

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@Mike Arov 


can you please convert your jdbc url as given below and check if it helps in your issues.




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