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  • 23 March 2022
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Hello StreamSetters! 

I am excited to announce this quarter's StreamSets Community Champions! Drum roll please... 


A huge congratulations and thank you to @swayam &  @Srinivasan Sankar for all their efforts and contributions towards our community. Swayam has been at the forefront of creating community articles and submitting example Pipelines while constantly helping others. Srinivasan is also one of our most engaged members with 13 posts created, 35 likes given to other members, while receiving 11 likes on his topic. Lastly, a major kudos for helping others finding the correct solutions! 


@swayam & @Srinivasan Sankar please look out for a Community Platform DM. I will be reaching out needing your shipping address. I will be sending each of you a StreamSets Community Swag pack, Academy certification coupon code that covers 100% of the cost to take the exam. Lastly this badge will be added to your profiles!



What's New

  • DataOps Summit CFP is now OPEN! Submit today. 

  • Snowpark Day: April 21st @ 10AM PT. Register today. 

  • Transformer Engine for Snowflake Public Preview launches this month! 

Industry News / Helpful Reads

Community Questions Highlights

Community Help Needed


Let’s help our fellow community StreamSetters. Head over to the “Help others” tab within the community thread homepage to help answer questions. 


StreamSets Community Corner


DataOps Summit 2022 CFP is OPEN!  

Join us for this year's DataOps Summit as a breakout speaker. If you’re an industry thought leader and would like to deliver a session at DataOps Summit 2022, please submit your proposed topics for Data Engineering, DataOps or Data Architecture by April 22. Attendee registration will open soon! Hope to see you in San Francisco!



Submit your Paper


Snowpark Day: April 21st @ 10AM PT

Join us with Snowflake for a #Snowpark Day on Thursday, April 21st. This is a session for all Data Engineers, Developers and Data Scientists who are interested in running more complex transformations natively in Snowflake through Snowpark.

Transformer for Snowflake, a service hosted on StreamSets DataOps Platform, enables at-scale transformation processing of Snowflake data using Snowflake’s Snowpark client libraries and without needing to pull the data out of Snowflake and put it back in

We will show how you can easily incorporate Slowly Changing Dimensions, UDF’s, custom libraries and more in your Snowflake data pipelines.



Register Today


Transformer for Snowflake Course: hands-on practice to learn the fundamentals  

StreamSets Academy has published a new course “Transformer for Snowflake Fundamentals” which guides you through the fundamental steps of setting up your environments, building a Snowflake pipeline, merging data in a target table and other hands-on activities. New modules will be added to the course over the next few weeks.  



Check it out today! 


Share Your Pipeline Contest - 20+ submissions thus far!  

2 Community members will earn a $250 Amazon Gift card by submitting the most interesting Pipeline. It’s easy; add your pipeline screenshot and a 1-2 sentence descriptor. Details and examples here.

Submissions end March 31st! 



Submit your pipeline here


Data Engineers' Handbook for Snowflake

Download the Data Engineers' Handbook for Snowflake and learn how to simply:

  • Ingest Data to the Data Cloud Platform

  • Do Change Data Capture from Legacy to Data Cloud Platform

  • Stream Files into Snowflake Data Cloud using Kafka

  • Conduct native ELT on Snowflake Data Cloud with Snowpark


Get it Now



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