Upcoming: Community Newsletter 2nd Edition - Share your findings and experience!

  • 5 November 2021
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As we look to publish our November Community Newsletter. We would like to make this a collaborative community involved experience. Each month I will be posting a similar thread asking members for their helpful findings and experience.  


Please share in this thread: 

  • Industry Blogs and Articles. 
  • Events others in the community others should join. 
  • Exciting personal millstones
  • SS use cases and how others could benefit from your findings. 
  • Others forms of media you think the community will benefit from. :) 


Please add by next Friday, November 12th to have your shared articles, etc. added to the community newsletter. November edition will be published on Thursday, November 18th! 


Let’s make this a collaborative newsletter everyone!   


-Drew Kreiger

3 replies

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One blog post that’s made a big splash in the industry this month was Databricks’ announcement that Databricks SQL had set a new record for performance using the TPC-DS benchmark. It looks like the big players in the data space are really throwing down the gauntlet in a bid to compete for users at scale.

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Today is the last day to add articles, events, use cases, and other types of media the community can benefit from. Please drop it below within this thread. 



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Let is snow! https://www.snowflake.com/blog/industry-benchmarks-and-competing-with-integrity/