Authorising transformer update in Transformer Jobs in Control Hub

  • 27 June 2022
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is it possible to change the Authorising Transformer of  a job on control hub?

we have a scenario to change another Authorising Transformer  in all the Transformer Jobs, when we have changed it  in a underneath pipeline and chose to update the Job while doing check-in, it does not reflect on the job.


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3 replies

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@BharathiMaddela I am not sure if I fully understand your question. But Job will be launched on corresponding transformer on the basis of the label. 

You need Authorising transformer while designing/edit the pipeline. You can change this anytime just make sure the other transformer is the same version and has all the required library installed.

Hi Rishi,


We have a pipeline built with a Authorising Transformer and created a job for the same.

we are in a situation to chose another Authorising Transformer on the pipeline , save it and check -in. i chose to update the job to reflect the change in Authorising Transformer. The job reflects the latest version of pipeline but  Authorising transformer on job remains the same as old one.

Looking into find an answer why job does not pick up the latest Authoring Transformer and is there a way to achieve it without rec-creating the job.

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Hi @BharathiMaddela Authoring Transformer is pipeline level construct.

So let’s say you build a transformer pipeline using authorising  transformer-1 (which has engine label - trans1) . And promote this pipeline to job. 

Now you edit this pipeline. Change the Authoring transformer to transformer-2 ( which has engine label- trans-2) and make some other changes and check-in this pipeline.

Now if your requirement : Job should run on transformer-2 . Then you need to edit the job and change the Transformer label. And run this job. It will be launched on transformer-2