Can we write the records into/as a text file in Streamsets?

  • 24 June 2022
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I have an usecase where we need to read from the source and write all the records into a text file using streamsets. Is it possible to write all the records as a text file?

4 replies

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The Local FS destination lets you do this. See our docs.

Hey Dima,thanks for the answer.I ’d like know if we can write directly as a text file to NAS location(using SFTP) ?

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The SFTP destination only writes directly via the Whole File format. Your best bet would be to write to Local FS and then have a separate process move the complete file via SFTP. 

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In this case , you can create the first file to read data from source and send to s3 bucket as txt file format.

In the second pipeline , read file from s3 bucket as whole file and send sftp server.