how to know what values are present in action for filed remover compoennet in SDK

  • 6 January 2022
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in Control hub i will know what are values are present in action for Field Remover but in SDK how to know.

field_remover = pipeline_builder_14.add_stage('Field Remover')

for field_remover.action, what values are present how i will know through SDK




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3 replies

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Click the double arrow icon next to any config in a dropdown and it’ll convert the configuration label to its underlying value. That’s what you can set via SDK (in this case “Remove Listed Fields” => “REMOVE”).

i would like to know form SDK directly not from UI.

for example where can i find mapping like “Remove Listed Fields” => “REMOVE” “Keep listed fields” => “KEEP”.

Either i have to guess or  give a trail/error based approach. Instead of this i need to know from SDK dierctly what are the appropriate values.

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You can't. The SDK is designed to supplement the typical UI-driven workflow, not to replace it entirely.