Http response - No output records produced.

  • 13 January 2022
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How we can check the condition in Stream selector for which service is not giving any response because of some exception at service end.
If any exception at service end Http client is giving “No output records produced.” message so based on this message how we can further process like if success response comes then we can move to Trash if  this message is coming “No output records produced.” we may insert into our sql table. So how we can identify this message in Stream selector or any other way.

2 replies

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The approach that I'd try is by using the event lane of your origin. Since origins are able to send event records like “no-more-data,” you can use that to handle tear down actions. 

@dima  Can you please tell more about this. 
Btw in my case I am reading the data through Kafka topic and then calling one API through HTTP and that http is returning me “No output records produced.” this message for few cases. and i am also not sure how we can read this message.