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  • 23 April 2022
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I want to shot one mail when my specific jon change its status from Active to Inactive or Inactive error.

Please help

5 replies

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Hi @deepu , As I mentioned in my previous can try setting idle alert at pipeline level . this will trigger alert if pipeline is idle due to any reason.

Returns the current time of the Data Collector machine as a java.util.Date object. Use in conditions for gauge metric rules.For example, the default rule for the Runtime Statistics Gauge metric that checks whether the pipeline is idle includes the following condition:

${time:now() - value() > 120000}

The alert is triggered when the current time is greater than the time of the last received record by 120,000 milliseconds.

Sometimes, job runs for hours because of some underlying issue. lets take an example for my use case.

We have one orchestration job which send mail notification on completion. But, due to some incorrect mail id mentioned in the job, job is unable to find the Id and is running for more than 5 hours and will run more if don’t stop it. We could see error message in the logs.

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Hii @deepu There is an Idle Alert if the pipeline really is idle. You can check more details here

AFAIK, there is no dynamic time based trigger condition.

Also, Can you share more details on what is your use-case and why you wanted to have trigger condition like this.

Hi Rishi,


thanks for the reply. Is it possible to send mail when job is running for more than specific hours?

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@deepu you can create subscription for Job Status Change which will triggers the subscription each time a job status changes.


Please checkout the doc for more details :