StreamSets 5.0.0 Documentation - Discrepancy

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Hi there,


I was reading the below documentation,

and I could not find a processor stage named “Start Pipelines” in version 5.0.0.


Note - I am on the latest version of DataOps Platform and I am building my Data Collector pipeline on the DataOps Platform / Control Hub GUI.


Could you please verify and advise whether I need any additional stage libraries to be installed on my 5.0.0 engine for “Start Pipelines” processor stage?


I am able to see other Orchestration stages as described in the below documentation,


I can only assume this is a discrepancy in the documentation (refer first link), please advise otherwise.





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@dima , thanks for the feedback. I guessed it but the picture in the 5.0.x. documentation (refer my original post above) led to the confusion. All good. Thanks.

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The Start Pipelines stages were used when Data Collector’s standalone UI was available. On the DataOps Platform, this has been replaced by the Start Jobs stages.