[TeraJDBC][Error 640][SQÇstare HY000]ResultSet: findColumn - column -- not found

  • 11 January 2022
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We are using offset,  where clause initial value is from job parameters. 20 pipelines following the same structure, 1 was done, and we copied to develop all others 19.
On DEV and SIT they are working fine,  only in prod has this error for 16 pipelines, others 4 are working fine. 
Giving up, after 1 error as per stage configuration. First error: SQLState: HY000 error code:640 message: [Teradata JSBC Driver]
[TeraJDBC][Error 640][SQÇstare HY000]ResultSet: findColumn — column-- not found
We got an SQL statement run by Teradata and it works fine.


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