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Join the Write for Us program to contribute your unique technical expertise and get paid $500/approved post.

  1. Join The Group 👏
     - Join the Write for Us group in our Community.
  1. Submit Your Proposal ✍️
     - You can create a proposal based on our Guidelines or choose an already Open Topic. Submit your proposal using the form on this page when you’re ready. Submit here 
  1. Review Your Proposal 📑
     - We will review your proposal together.
  1. Begin Writing 📝
    Follow the guidelines in our Write for Us Trello Board.
  1. Get Paid 💸
     - Once your post is approved and published, get paid.

For full details and FAQ see here


*Payment will be made with the Tremendous platform. If you are unable to accept payments, donating is an option via the platform.

*Each post will be labeled and highlighted of this program. 

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Hi Drew, 

I like the initiative. Hope you get some great quality content delivered. 

Two improvement ideas: 

  • For transparency have a note at the end of every post that comes through this initiative sharing that it is part of this paid initiative. You can even use is it as a recruiting tool. You can earn some money for your quality content too. Learn more here <link>. 
  • Some people write quality content, but for whatever reason they are not allowed (government) to earn additional income, they can donate their fund to their favorite charity. :-) 

Keep up the good work, Mark. 

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Hi @Finnern

Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for this feedback! These are great. We definitely will be transparent about the content and post links to share the initiative. Also, We use a tool called Tremendous. It does allow members to pass the funds to a charity. More info here, https://www.tremendous.com/products/charity-gift-cards


Drew Kreiger

Hi @Drew Kreiger

This is excellent news. Thanks for the pointer to Tremendous. Looks very cool. Please update your call for content accordingly, Would be cool to know share where the donations go to. Also OK to take the money to put food on the table of your family. 

You are wonderfully transparent already with giving everyone access to the pipeline in your Trello Board.  

This is how I fond the first live blog post here: Thomas Bennett: Why & How to Use Data Enrichment to Activate Your Data Lake for Analytics. When you have a minute please add the background to the article there. 

Additional question, now that you are merging with Software AG, what will happen with this community? Will this initiative live on? You probably don’t know yet. :-) 

Questions to the community:

  1. Who here has worked with any of the Software AG’s tools/systems? What synergies are here already and which ones would be cool to strengthen?  
  2. Who has experiences with the Software AG community? What is their strength?
  3. What, besides this Pay for Content initiative, should be kept/continued in the Software AG community if the two are merged? What about the Software AG community?
  4. Is there anything that Software AG folks should know about Streamsets’ history that would make it easier for them to understand them/you and make the merger smoother? 

Really looking forward to these answers, Mark. 

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Hi @Finnern


I have added those suggestions to the post above. Thank you. 


Regarding your questions around the Acquisition by Software AG. We definitely will continue our Community efforts on the StreamSets side. No worries, I am here to stay. ☺️ It’s at it’s very beginning stages with meeting the Software AG team. Once I meet the rest of the team I will update you with your questions. 


Thanks Mark


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Hello @Drew Kreiger and @hrecker, thank you for starting this great initiative. There is a problem with the submit proposal button, it does not give the form but it scrolls the page down to the "So, how does it work?" section.

I am looking forward to contributing valuable DataOps knowledge through this program. 


Cheers to content success🏆.

Hi @Wame -- I got your email as well! Thanks for your interest. The topic you requested is currently taken -- sorry about that. The form to submit your proposal is located in the How Does it Work section.


Thanks again! Looking forward to your proposal!



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Hello @hrecker, I am using Microsoft edge browser which isnt showing the submit form. Which browser are you using ? 

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Hi @Drew Kreiger and @hrecker, it turns out that the form is only available on Google Chrome but it isn’t available on Microsoft Edge. 

Thank you.

Thanks for letting us know @Wame -- we’ll work on this with our Web team!


Hi @Wame would you be able to let us know both your operating system and browser version and send a full screenshot with the Inspect pane open showing Console errors? That would really help our web team figure out the issue!

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I use Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft EdgeVersion 102.0.1245.39 (Official build) (64-bit)