Convert nested JSON into csv

How can I convert a nested json into a csv file? Could you show with exact settings for the stages?

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Hi @ana00159,


I’ve combined the answers provided by @Marty Norris in this thread and @AkshayJadhav in this other thread into a complete pipeline that generates a JSON object and writes to a CSV file. The pipeline may need to be adapted to your specific use-case, but it might serve as an example. You can find the pipeline attached to this message.


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Thank you @mikelsr. I will take a look at the pipeline attached and keep you updated.

I am getting below error when trying to import the job. The selected pipeline file doesn't contain library definitions. Please export the pipeline using "Export for SCH" instead of "Export" in your Data Collector.

Hi @ana00159 ,


I didn’t export the pipeline properly, my bad. I have checked that the one attached to this message works, but I’ll keep an eye in case you have any issues.


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Thank you @mikelsr. Able to import the job.