30-Day Free Trial: It’s Never Been Easier To Get Started With StreamSets

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We are excited to announce our new 30-day trial of the full StreamSets Platform! 🎉 

Anyone who is interested in trying out our cloud-native platform for data integration can sign up for the trial - no restrictions. 

If you’re interested in sharing this news with a colleague or want to learn more, check out our latest blog post.

what can i do once the trial ends ?  Whether there is an community edition or some other cheaper version to learn streamsets ?

Hi @parthiban - thanks for reaching out! Can I ask what your goal is once the trial ends? Are you looking for education in general or would you like to continue to use StreamSets?

My use-case is mostly educational and personal use.

Once your trial has ended, you can reach out to Sales to talk about your needs and future use of the StreamSets platform.

The tarball version cannot be dowloaded and always report Error 405, can you help check?