Incorrect job metrics in orchestration pipeline

I want to evaluate the job metrics field of orchestrator tasks JSON, which is the output of start job origin in orchestration pipeline. The start job origin contains pipeline which moves 5 records from csv file from directory to snowflake table.

I need to confirm from the job metrics field that the pipeline output count equals that of input count.

But when I preview the orchestration pipeline, both the input and output records count show 0.Is there any additional configuration required that I have missed? I have attached the preview SS along with the job instance pipeline.

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I second that there is a issue when fetching the job metrics from restapi also showing 0 records 

current status API: {control_hub_url}/jobrunner/rest/v1/job/{jobId}/currentStatus

Job history API : {control_hub_url}//jobrunner/rest/v1/job/{jobId}/history


Prasanna Kumar

Seeing the same issue in my Org on 

Is this related to any missing packages?