issue while reading a file

  • 21 January 2022
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i am reading a fixed width file from s3 and trying to parse with Jython evaluator in Data collector.

when i try to run the pipeline i am getting below isue.

 Script error while processing batch: javax.script.ScriptException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value in <script> at line number 60

i am reading file using UTF-8 option.



2 replies

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Hi @ashok verma , There seems to be some Unicode characters (non-ascii) in your incoming data that is not being properly handled and causing the script to error. Make sure this handled properly in your script.

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@ashok verma Did Rishi’s suggestion help? If so, Please mark his reply as the “Best answer” as this helps others fins the answer quicker. :)