Unreachable web interface

  • 6 September 2021
  • 4 replies

Whenever I try to log in the web interface I get a 502 error.

This is happening when I try to reload a biggish table from a Mysql snapshot.

VM is under reasonable load (25% cpu, 50% RAM)

Scd service is up and running and apparently the pipelines are running as usual.

4 replies

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@matfior Isn’t this more on the “server” side of things? What VM are you running and which version of the SDC?

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@matfior were you able to overcome this issue?

It was a long time ago, if I remember correctly we ended up picking a bigger VM and waiting for the replication to finish.

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@matfior Great. Just wanted to share, we are working internally to empower internal teams to assist with engaging with users here on our new community platform.