How to open and read a json file using Javascript scripting stage

  • 14 June 2022
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I need to open few json files in side streamsets datacollector pipeline to do some custom processing. Datacollector doesn't allow multiple origins, so I am looking at Javascript scripting stage to open multiple file objects.  Also directory origin is opening and displaying only one .json file, so that's too is not working. Any ideas. Thanks


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5 replies

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Hi @rajneesh75 ,

  1. How does your directory structure of the origin json files look like? 
  2. Can you also share the directory origin configuration which you have setup?

I have attached screenshots for directory structure and directory stage properties and streamsets output. Please take a look. Locations files has 5 records, workers file has 4 records. The output shows just 5 records and one file read


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@rajneesh75 What is the File Name Pattern Mode and Read Order are set to? Also what is the Event that is set on Directory origin to be consumed?

screenshot attached

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I hope you have configured the  precondition in the pipeline finisher as below. You also can try the search pattern sdc* 


${record:eventType() == 'no-more-data'}