How to Config to make Pipeline "Stop Event" not run when pipeline failed

  • 15 April 2024
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Hi team,

we have a pipeline, which configured a stop event, it let a sql statement to run once pipeline finish processing data,  however we found, when the pipeline failed due to some reason, this “Stop Event” still run, which is not expected for us. Can you please let me know if some place can be configured, which let the Pipeline "Stop Event" not run when pipeline failed processing data? I actually found if the pipelien “Start Event” failed, the pipeline will not run which is expected, however the “Stop Event” always run even pipeline failed. 

2 replies

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The Start and Stop events are consistently executed before the pipeline begins. To mitigate this issue, it's necessary to manage them within the pipeline itself.


Maintain the Start event configuration as it is, while ensuring that the Stop event needs to be  addressed within the pipeline configuration.


@Bikram  it looks not answer my question. can you explain it more clearly?

You said it needs to be managed within pipeline, but that is my question how to manage it?

Also why you say The Stop events are consistently executed before the pipeline begins? Stop event should not be before pipeline, other wise it will not be called as “Stopped event”.

Again, can you share how to manage and make Stop event not run if pipeline itself has errors.