Oracle CDC client pipeline keep running without processing any records, but in DBeaver same account can get data from V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS

  • 24 March 2024
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Hi, I build a pipeline using Oracle CDC client, it is a very simple pipeline , have attached my exported pipeline. I currently using sysdba access configured in Streamsets and using this account I ran below in DBeaver can get records from  V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS, please refer to attached screenshot "DBeaver_logmnr_screeashot.png"", however the streamsets cdc pipeline keeps running without any input and output, I also attached the sdc.log from server.

from the log I can see the pipeline has gotten the timestamp of the starting SCN operation , however it cannot get records from LOGMNR and then insert into destination.

can you let know anything wrong here?


1 reply

Hi team can help on this question?