Parameters in stream selector stage

  • 19 April 2024
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In my pipeline, I am having a stream selector stage. I want to parameterize it and use the following expression for the condition:

${record:value('/rating_text') == '${pipeline_rating_text}'}

Here, pipeline_rating_text is my parameter that I have defined for my pipeline. The problem is that when I run the pipeline it does not work. If I use this expression 

${record:value('/rating_text') == 'Excellent'}

everything will be fine. 

Can somebody help me, please?


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2 replies

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Expression language wrappers don’t nest. Instead, anything inside the ${} will be treated as a variable unless it is quoted. So what you want is

${record:value('/rating_text') == pipeline_rating_text}

Thanks for the answer :)

I tried this as well earlier, but it seemed like it was not working.Turns out that the problem was that my parameter ended up being defined with some trailing spaces. I have resolved the problem now.