5 tips to ask your question the right way

  • 17 August 2021
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We want to make sure your questions are seen and answered. If you ask your question the right way, we will accomplish answering your question fast and precisely. Here are some tips:


1. Before you ask, search first! 👀

  • Make sure to search your question first. The search icon/bar will always be found:
  •  At the top of the home page. 
  • Within creating a new topic
  • Within a topic post near your profile photo (Right Top Corner)


2. Don't hesitate 🚀

ASK! This is a judge-free community. We are all here to support others and build our StreamSets knowledge. 


3. Keep your data yours 🧑‍💻

  • We cannot stress this enough. Do not share any persons' or your personal information (Email, Phone Number, Address, banking info, etc.) in a screenshot, post, messages, or anywhere on the StreamSets Community Platform.


4. Provide all information ℹ️

Please be concise with your topic/ question Title. Regarding your topic/ question description, Please be sure to provide as much detail; Platform, Version, Screenshots, Categories, and Tags. 


5. After your question has been answered, Please select the best answer within the system and thank them! 🙃 (A green box should appear around the answer to let other members know this is the solution to your original question/issue.)

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