Cannot run more Data Collectors on DataOps Platform

  • 19 January 2022
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If you try to deploy a new SDC instance and get the following error:

 The error on ECS says:
std error: Exception in thread "main" com.streamsets.engine.deployment.bootstrap.api.DeploymentBootstrapException: REST_03 - Error issuing request for the path /provisioning/rest/v1/csp/deployment/Xxxxx-2813-4ab4-85c5-7d4193ff920a:Xxxxxxxx-cd76-11eb-8725-XXXxxxa/engineToken

This is error means that we exhausted the limit of allowed registered SDC or Engines. We may request to Support to increase the number of engine limit. However, we also can delete engines that are not being used anymore.

  1. In the DataOps UI,  select Engines tab and click on the tree dots we see on the right top corner.
Data Collector Engines


  1. Select and Delete and Unregister Tokens.
Delete Unregistered Auth Token


  1. In the same window, select Data Collector Component and make sure there is no old components and Unregistered Auth Token leftover, otherwise delete them.
Data Collector Component​​​​​​


  1. Finally, try to deploy a new engine and check if it works as expected.

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