Check engine status using Rest API

  • 26 March 2023
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Which REST API endpoint to use to check if an engine is offline.


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We don’t have direct rest API call for getting the engine status streamsets DC.


You can check under provision section as per given screen shot to findout deployment status with deployment engine details with status.


some examples for your reference


Please try different options with correct restAPI and get the D engine details in it.


I also googled to get the engine status and found the URL but i couldn’t get into it to get the details from it.


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You should use Subscriptions and event type as Execution Engine Not Responding. It will generate a trigger when the event condition satisfies so you dont have to check at regular interval.


Once set up, you can generate a notification on email or webhook whenever the engine(s) are not responsive. There is a configuration that says how many seconds to wait from the last successful heartbeat from the engine. By default it is 300 seconds.


You can find more information here:


Thank you @Bikram and @saleempothiwala for your help.