DATE type in Oracle origin database is casted into DATETIME on Snowflake?

  • 26 November 2023
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Our goal is to sync between Oracle and Snowflake with CDC Oracle.


Some of our source tables in Oracle are defined as DATE. So we created this tables also in Snowflake with the same type, DATE. 


But now I get this error message:



But in this case the field ACTIVITY_TIME is DATE on Oracle and Snowflake.

Later I noticed that we don’t have any problem if I convert all DATE fields into DATETIME attributes on Snowflake. But looking in the documentation, there is nothing mentioned that we have to use DATETIME in such cases. The type DATE is explicitly mentioned as supported type.


Does anyone had the same issues? I mean it’s not so unusual to use the DATE type in a database

1 reply

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Please try to convert it as date type using field type converter or expression evaluator, i hope it helps.