DB2 CDC Pipeline

  • 8 September 2023
  • 8 replies

I want to create a CDC pipeline for DB2 Database, as there is no origin present for the implementation,

Is there any alternative to perform CDC for this Database?

8 replies

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For DB2 connectivity , I think you need to get access on Mainframe connectivity engine where you can connect to DB2 and apply CDC on it.


Thank you @Bikram 

I will work on the above-mentioned method and check the results.

hi @Bikram , 

Thank you for your response. 

Can we do a real-time CDC with Mainframe DB2 with StreamSets like Oracle CDC?



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@Kartik Medavarapu 

I think we can , I have a session with StreamSets team tomorrow on DB2 connectivity and i can confirm you on the same.

@Bikram - In your session, can you please check with StreamSets on below questions:

  • Can we do real-time CDC integration with mainframe DB2 tables? 
  • Presently, my customer uses DC v5.2; so are there any contraints on this DC version?
  • Do we need CONNX for this scenario? I don’t see this in documentation for v5.2.

@Bikram - Did your session happen with StreamSets Team? Any update?

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@Kartik Medavarapu 

I am bit occupied with my production deployment so i will have a session on 3rd october .

@Bikram Noted, will wait. Please share update once you discuss with them. Thank you.