error when trying to create docker container from streamsets docker-compose

when we run the command "docker-compose up" it shows the error below:


# docker-compose up
Building with native build. Learn about native build in Compose here:
Creating sdc_2 ... done
Attaching to sdc_2
sdc_2  | / line 22: /opt/streamsets-datacollector-3.22.3/bin/streamsets: No such file or directory

contents of docker-compose.yml file

version: '3'
    image: streamsets/datacollector:3.22.3
    container_name: sdc_2
    hostname: sdc002
    restart: unless-stopped
    network_mode: bridge
      - 18630:18630/tcp
       - ./sdc-data:/data


what could be causing this problem?


the file that is inside the sdc 3.22.3 image may be having a problem?


when we create the sdc docker container manually with "docker run...", as below, the container works 100%:


docker run -d -p 18630:18630 \
-h sdc002 \
--name sdc_2 \
-e SDC_CONF_http_authentication=form \

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No clue. Any particular reason to be using Docker Compose if you're just starting one image? If the docker run command works, maybe just turn that into a Bash script and be done with it?

hi @dima 


it would be more for automation in a possible change in the container, with docker compose it helps a lot.


there is currently a simple script that is being used even with docker run...

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Gotcha. Please let us know if you sort out what's wrong.