Example Slack integration?

  • 27 October 2021
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I’d like to use the Subscription option to send notifications to a Slack channel. Most of the fields make sense but I am stuck on Content Type and Payload.

I searched in Documents but didn’t find anything that covered Subscriptions. Did I miss it?





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Hi @dkovar!

The actual payload might depend on the trigger event type, but here’s an example of my Subscription where I am sending a Slack notification when a pipeline gets committed via “Check-In” option in the pipeline canvas.

"Alert_Name": "New Pipeline Version Committed",
"Pipeline_ID": "{{PIPELINE_ID}}",
"Pipeline_Version": "{{PIPELINE_VERSION}}",
"Pipeline_Name": "{{PIPELINE_NAME}}",
"Pipeline_Committer": "{{PIPELINE_COMMITTER}}",
"Pipeline_Commit_TS": "{{PIPELINE_COMMIT_TIME}}"

Here’s a screenshot of the Subscription config.


Thank you very much.



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You’re welcome!