Facing error in On-prem setup of sch

  • 17 May 2023
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I was trying to do the on-prem setup of SCH in which I have completed till configuring the control hub, relational databases, system data collector etc.

Now when I am going to create the required tables for each databases using “sudo dev/” command the tables are getting created for the first database i.e. “Security” and it is throwing error in the next database i.e. “PipelineStore”

From the marked red arrow the error is staring.

Can someone help me regarding this?


Best answer by XavierV 24 May 2023, 09:00

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4 replies

Hi, saikat_chatterjee. Are you trying to upgrade an existing instance, or are you starting from scratch?

Hi @XavierV, I am trying to create it from scratch.


Hi @saikat_chatterjee , this looks like an encoding error.

The error message mentions `\xE2\x9E\x9C` that is UTF-8 for an arrow , and is part of the description of one of the sample pipelines.

>>> print(b'\xE2\x9E\x9C'.decode('utf-8'))


Can you verify that you have created the databases with UTF-8 encoding and review the unicode settings that you have used in your DB instance?



Thank you @XavierV for you help.

The error was due to encoding issue, my databases weren’t created with UTF-8 encoding.

Now its working fine.