Getting this error while imporing stub?

from streamsets.testframework.decorators import stub

from streamsets.testframework.utils import get_random_string

Both commands are not working.

Everytime I run the code Seeing same error even after installing the module.

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'streamsets.testframework.decorators

Please help out with this?

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Hi @shiva - Thank you for reaching out to the StreamsSets Community. Would you please check if streamsets framework is successfully installed with the command “pip list”?

HI @AkshayJadhav I checked it and that library is mentioned  but still unable to import


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what is the python version you are using?

Hello @AkshayJadhav 

As recommended in documentation version 3.6. 

Is License or Activation key is required to use STF?