How to automated the connection string?

  • 7 March 2022
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Hi Team,

Please help us how to automated the connection string .Currently we are developing more than 150 Pipeline’s in dev environments.

While moving to UAT we have to change any one place the connection string it’s impact to all 150 pipelings.

Currently we are hardcoded for every pipeline….


Vimalathithan M 



2 replies

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@Vimalathithan Your query on automating the connection string seems to be unrelated to the original query of the post. Let us know if the below helps else feel free to create a new post for the query.


If I understand correctly you would want to have different connection string parameters passed to the same pipeline depending on the dev or UAT environment. If you are already using StreamSets Control-hub or DataOps platform did you explore creating jobs with required environment settings in the form of job level run-time parameters?

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@Vimalathithan @Pradeep I have created this topic. Please use this topic thread going forward.