How to download and install data collector on a machine

  • 29 September 2021
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I want to run data collector on machine. Have gone through some git and some blogs too, they are asking to download the tarball, but I am not able to find the url to download the tarball. Can someone help with this, or with some other way to download the tarball? 


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8 replies

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Hi @mayankdhiamn27!


Please signup for the newly launched StreamSets DataOps Platform SaaS -- It’s a better, more comprehensive user experience and it doesn’t require you to manually download the data engines.


Hi @Dash ,
Thanks for the quick response!
What if I want this streamsets to run on k8s, might be through docker? Do I need an enterprise account for that?

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Hi @mayankdhiamn27 !


The official support for Kubernetes is coming soon on StreamSets DataOps Platform SaaS. Please stay tuned.

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To answer your other question, to deploy SDCs on Kubernetes on (existing) 3.x installations of SCH, please refer to


thanks @Dash !!

@Dash If I am not having the enterprise account, and I need to run SDC on k8s, then there is only one way to go with, i.e, control agent, right?

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Yes, but managing SDCs on k8s manually/on our own will be tricky and painful. Currently SCH 3.x can take that pain away and manage it all of for you… but access to SCH 3.x requires enterprise subscription.


I am new to the community and I am new to learning about Streamset. I was given a task that I can’t seem to get through. 

I was told to go through the installation steps for the common tarball version and build Data Collector pipelines based on the Basic and Extended Tutorial.


I need assistance installing SDC and  building pipelines on my IOS operating system.