HTTP Client missing output records

  • 8 April 2024
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The HTTP Client in my pipeline is not processing all of the input records that it gets. 
For eg: Input to HTTP client is 1430 records, but the output records processed in the same client are 1360 records only, with 0 error records. 
Not sure if I am missing any configuration to be added so that I can balance the I/O records, and send the error records to the error stage.


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2 replies

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@Meghana Chinnu 



Could you please verify if the HTTP origin currently has the following option enabled? If it's enabled, could you make the necessary adjustments to align it with the configuration provided below in the second screenshot?



@Bikram Yes I have the same config. But still missing records. Are the records still being processed in the backend of the API? Is there any way that I can log each I/O record at the HTTP client, so that I will know if the record passed is processed or not.