Installing SDC and building pipelines on IOS operating system. 

  • 1 February 2023
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Please help if you can. I was given these instructions: 


Please go through the installation steps for the common tarball version and build Data Collector pipelines based on the Basic and Extended Tutorials (find the links below). You can use your home computer/laptop as we support a variety of operating systems (except Windows). After creating your account and logging in, select "Download Data Collector," then select "Linux Server - For production use," and then select "Tarball - recommended". This will allow you to download Data Collector version 3.22.3.


I am using a IOS operating system, I followed the instructions above,  but I cannot seem to get it to work via the terminal. 

I am new to the community and I am new to learning about Streamset. I was given a task that I can’t seem to get through. 

I need assistance installing SDC and building pipelines on my IOS operating system. 


Please help

3 replies

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Have you tried using docker?


will get you the required SDC version,

I have not because I was instructed to select "Tarball - recommended". This will allow me to download Data Collector version 3.22.3. But I guess I’ll try docker and see. 

I tried Docker but I get an error and it said that It’s not supported by Mac IOS system.