JDBC Multi-Table Consumer able to handle multiple offset column ?

  • 5 August 2022
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Hi experts,

I have one question and here is the scenario.

I am trying to connect from Mssql to AWS s3. I m going to do incremental load for 2 tables for example.


Everything will be done in 1 schema.

Table Name Pattern List  - Table A , Table B

Table A

Offset column - LastUpdatedDate , Initial Offset Column - LastUpdatedDate , Value - “-2208988800000” which is “1900-01-01 00:00:00.000”

Table B

Offset column, Initial Offset Column, Value are all same with Table A.


How JDBC MultiTable handle the incremental load for two tables with same offset columns.


I try to update the rows in Table A, and I start the pipeline, it will get me the updated file and StreamSets will set the offset value itself. When I update or insert new records again, it will start reading data based on previous offset value and get the another updated file 

However, when I try to update the rows in Table B, and I start the pipeline, I didn’t get anything.

What’s the problems here ? 


My thought is like Table A , use first offset column. Table B , use second offset column. Both offset column for Table A and Table B are LastUpdatedDate. How to achieve it. Can it be done using JDBC MultiTable Consumer ?



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If you are Overriding the Offset Columns for multiple tables, only option i see is to add Table-A and Table-B in separate schema tabs though the tables are from the same schema. 

Out of curiosity. Is your LastUpdatedDate column have unique values? If this is not a primary key it can have data loss during job/pipeline restarts. Same has been mentioned in Multiple offset value handling and Override the primary key as the offset column