Join operation in SDC

  • 12 September 2023
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Hi Team,

I need to perform a join operation in StreamSets Control Hub using SDC(Data Collectors). As I checked we don’t have any processor or stage in StreamSets SDC. 


Is there any workaround we have in SDC. Below are my datasets,

Dataset 1 - CSV

Dataset 2 - Snowflake table


Any way to join Dataset 1 and Dataset 2 in SDC.



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3 replies

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In SDC, there isn't a built-in join operation, but StreamSets Transformer makes it straightforward to manage.

Unlike SDC, where configuring more than one origin can be challenging, in your case, you can simply read data from a CSV file and then utilize JDBC lookup to retrieve data from Snowflake based on the information obtained from the CSV file.



Data received from CSV is emp = ‘Bikram’

In jdbc lookup 

select emp from Test

where emp = ‘${record:value(‘/emp’)}’


This will check if emp data is available in snowflake db or not , we can add as much filter condition .

Please give a try and let me know if it helps.

Thanks & Regards






I have never used JDBC look up, if you can help me with sample configuration then it will be easy for me to implement. 

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Please find below the screenshot for your reference.

In where condition , left side value  is from table and right side value from the source .