Kafka Connection error Http failure response for https TUNNELING_INSTANCE_ID=tunneling-1: 500 OK

  • 11 April 2024
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I have configured a local docker image for the Streamsets and kafka images to try a simple Kafka connection, but I´m receiving the following:

  • Http failure response for 500 OK
  • The kafka image names are:

bash-3.2$ docker-compose ps

NAME                IMAGE                    COMMAND                  SERVICE             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS

kafka               wurstmeister/kafka       ""         kafka               27 minutes ago      Up 27 minutes>9092/tcp

zookeeper           wurstmeister/zookeeper   "/bin/sh -c '/usr/sb…"   zookeeper           27 minutes ago      Up 27 minutes       22/tcp, 2888/tcp, 3888/tcp,>2181/tcp


And I try the Test connection kafka:9092 or localhost:9092 and receive the 

Http failure response for 500 OK


Any ideas?

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