Meet the SPOOLDIR_01 error message

  • 4 December 2022
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I am using the Directory to readthe *.log.gz files from ther servce using lexicographically ascending file names as teh read order. Set the data format as ‘Text’  and the compression format is compressed file with 1024000000 as the max line length. 

I met the SPOOLDIR_01 Error code and the error message said ‘Failed to process file  ‘…...log.gz’as posion ‘0’: com.streamsets.pipeline.lib.dirspooler.BadSpoolFileExcetion:com.streamset.pipline.lib.parser.DataParserException: TEXT_PARSER_00-Cannot advace file ‘…...log.gz’ to offset ‘0’ ’

I  am not sure why this problem happened and anyonehas idea?

1 reply

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Hello @BiubiuNigel , Could you please share the complete exception or error trace which you see. Also what type of file has been compressed.