Not able to Connect Control Hub

  • 27 September 2021
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I’m setting SDC on local at very first step.

But not able to see create pipeline form.

And trying to connect to Control Hub => But not able to connect.

Anyone getting same issue?





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4 replies

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Hi @tri.le!


The error message indicates that the credentials you provided to connect to SCH are invalid. Do you have a valid SCH account on If not, your option as a customer is to reach out to our Support team. If you’re not a customer, please try our newly launched SaaS at which includes the control pane (aka Control Hub) as well as Data Collector and Transformer data engines.

With same credentials, I’m able to login to SCH, create pipeline, running test.

But not able to do on localhost


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@tri.le The screenshot you provided is for the DataOps platform which is different than Cloud ControlHub. The registration works differently with these two platforms. 

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Hi @tri.le!


You’re working with two different versions. (Like Sanjeev mentioned above.) So if you’re new to our platform, continue using our SaaS at With this you’ll able to launch data engines locally on your machine, in a VM, or in the cloud.