Set data type of a new added field (Expression Evaluator)

  • 26 November 2023
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How can I change the type of a new added field in the Expression Evaluator?


Because if I add a field like this:


Then the field is defined as a string. But I need to have it as DATETIME

I know I could just not add this field but my goal is to make the pipeline creating not existing tables if needed.


So I need to declare all attributes, even they are empty. 


6 replies

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Please refer the document and i hope it will help in your case.


In case of any issues , please provide me the sample input and what will be expected result expecting ,so i can help you on it.

As mentioned in the my question. I expect an DATETIME but I get an STRING field back for SOURCE_VALID_FROM attribute

So I expect, that the SOURCE_VALID_FROM is shown as {DATETIME}

Found the solution by myself:



It’s not what I would do in a real world programming language but it works :-)

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Great to hear that you were able to find a solution on your own.

Just for your reference, the provided URL can be quite useful if you need to set values to variables


Thanks @Bikram, will do