Unable to inject large XML data (4MB size) from S3 to Snowflake (Data collector)

  • 13 September 2021
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While trying to inject XML data from S3 into snowflake, facing the below error :

S3_SPOOLDIR_01 - Failed to process object 'UBO/GSRL_Sample_XML.xml' at position '0': com.streamsets.pipeline.stage.origin.s3.BadSpoolObjectException: com.streamsets.pipeline.api.service.dataformats.DataParserException: XML_PARSER_02 - XML object exceeded maximum length: readerId '', offset '0', maximum length '2147483647'

Size of the XML file is 4MB

The properties used for Amazon S3 component has been attached.

Also, Increased the Max Record Length size to its max.

S3 Properties- Max Record Length size : 2147483647 Data Format : XML


Can you Please suggest on this. Is there any size related constraint associated?

We have successfully loaded smaller files from S3 to Snowflake.


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Hi @Pradeep_Bala!

I’d also try increasing the Data Collector parser buffer size by configuring the parser.limit property in the Data Collector configuration file because Max Record Length (chars) can be limited by it.