Error using a directory created in IIS (Windows) and published via FTPS

  • 14 January 2022
  • 1 reply

There is a directory created in IIS (Windows) and published via FTPS.

When trying to use this directory in StreamSets using the SFTP|FTP|FTPS component, it returns the following error:


"REMOTE_11 - Unable to connect to remote host 'ftps://' with given credentials. Please verify if the host is reachable, and the credentials and other configuration are valid. The logs may have more details. Message: Could not list the contents of "ftps://" because it is not a . : conf.remoteConfig.remoteAddress"


Credentials are OK as it allows to open this directory using LFTP service on Linux

Is there any StreamSets configuration missing to fix this issue?

1 reply

Hii @Yago Aparecido,  Seems to be connectivity issue. Since you are using FTPS,  Make sure that FTPS truststore provider setting and relevant client certificate are configured correctly. In pipeline you can provide all this TLS details.