Execution Engine Not Responding Subscription

  • 1 August 2022
  • 6 replies

I’m trying to configure a subscription that could alert me when Data Collector stop responding for 10 minutes.

Is there a way to configured in such a way?

LAST_REPORTED_TIME - This only accept epoch time which doesn’t make any use if I want to report after 10 minutes.



6 replies

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@ksleong  you can use ENGINE_ID ( as a condition) and create a subscription for individual SDC, this will trigger an email as soon as Control Hub marks execution engine non-responsding. 


Hi @Rishi ,

Thanks for your reply. 

My condition is to have the alert trigger after 10 minutes of the engine non-responding.

I’m able to trigger alerts immediately after engine non-responding. 

Any solution for the above query? (alert trigger after 10 minutes)


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hi @pinky 

Please can you explain what you want to do after 10 minutes?

@saleempothiwala 1. my engine goes down

                               2. I need the email action to be triggered after 10 minutes only


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In that case, use webhook for trigger. On Jenkins, have something that runs a 10 minutes timer and sends the email everytime the endpoint is reached. There is no direct delay option on StreamSets side. The subscription event will trigger an action as soon as the event happens.