performance is bad when i am using JDBC lookup in DataCollector

  • 28 December 2021
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i am reading a file from S3 bucket and doing lookup against data from  Postgress DB using JDBC lookup using Data collector.

in source i have some 341k records against 341 records in postgress DB.

my observations are taking 30min to process 50K records.

2.some records are going to error even matching one present in DB

3.i have tried by enabling local cache.


6 replies



did you find any solution to this issue?



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Hi @ashok verma,

Have you tried configuring and/or adjusting Eviction Policy TypeMaximum Entries to Cache and Minimum Idle Connections properties? According to the docsNote: When local caching is enabled, configure this property carefully to avoid monopolizing Data Collector resources. For more information, see Using Additional Threads.


i haven’t find any solution yet and i tries those combination also but didn’t work

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Hi @ashok verma . If you could share your pipeline (feel free to strip sensible information), we can have a detailed look at this. Also, having the logs when running it at debug log level would be very helpful.

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@ashok verma as @Dimas Cabré i Chacón mentioned,  Please share your pipeline. Please do not share personal or sensitive information. 

Hi - did you find any solution to optimize the lookup in postgresql db?