View job version differences for same pipeline

  • 7 January 2022
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I’m looking for a tool to help prevent missing job version updates when moving code from one environment to another (development / UAT / production).

If we update a pipeline and job in our development environment but move ancillary code to our test environment a week later, I’ve seen it is easy for our team to miss the test environment job update, resulting in wasted testing time. It would be helpful if we could see at a glance the differences in job versions before doing a deployment to help validate that we have the correct list of jobs to update as a part of that deployment.

I see the REST API and could put together a script to compare versions, but I was wondering if there is any way we could visually see that in Control Hub, or even a way to build a pipeline or report that could be run to give this information.


Thanks in advance!


1 reply

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@xarnthehero ,

  1. Have you got a chance to look into StreamSets SDK for Python ? This will help you for scripting rather than using REST Api.


  1. Above is for SDK 4.x , if you wish to interact with StreamSets DataOps Platform.


  1. For SDK 3.x, here it is This allows you to interact with SCH 3.x.
  1. Following is somewhat similar not exact though: