Informatica to Streasets

  • 5 March 2022
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Hi Team,

We have a requirement to transform the informatica mappings into Streamsets. Since there are more than 200 mappings, so it is not possible to create each one of them seprately in Transformer.

Can you suggest the best approach and any related link or documentation for this.

We are planning to use the Python SDK, but there are lots of challenges in it.


4 replies

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The SDK for Python seems like a good approach to me. What challenges are you having with it?

Hi Dina..

first of all thank you for your reply.

my concern is how we can parse the informatica xml to python sdk. I mean in informatica xml have more than one transformation and we don’t have access to environment. Only thing we have is XML.

do you have any example which will help us.

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We don’t have specific examples at hand. Informatica’s format is proprietary so I’m not aware of us having things off the shelf. That said, if you hit specific problems with the SDK for Python, we’re here to help.