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  • 28 July 2023
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Hi, I am new to Streamsets, started using it today.

I have a task to create some backup data from sqlserver to hadoop and hive, the jdbc connection has been changed to sqlserver but it still doesn't work, please help me


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4 replies

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If you are connecting to sql server , then the jdbc string should like below .




if you are still having issues please 

make sure you have the port opened for connecting sql server from StreamSets.




can't connect, is it because it's not a sqlserver processor?

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The error is saying that the ip and port is not reachable. Please check if the firewall has been opened for this to connect from streamsets.

Once the firewall opened , try to ping the ip from the command prompt to check if its reachable or not then you can try to connect it in streamsets.


I backup data once a day, for example: on August 7 2023 there are 23894 rows in total, on August 8 2023 there are 532 new rows, total 23894+532 = 24426 rows, but when I run streamsets the data is duplicated and the total is 48320rows(23894+23894+532), how do i avoid the data getting duplicated with the ones that has already been backed up?