Issue with TCP Server Origin listening port

  • 12 September 2023
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Am trying to listen some of the port from tcp server origin but its not giving any results, the same port am when using in linux console which we deploy streamsets server am able to listen the message 

currently am using Version:

StreamSets Data Collector 3.19.1 


in log am getting TCP_00 - Cannot bind to port [******]: Address already in use

here am hiding port number for confidential with *

Could you please help me how to listen messages from streamsets tcp server origin.


Thanks in advance 

5 replies

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Hello @shaik111 , The error suggests that the port you've specified is already in use. Could you kindly specify an unused port? Before doing so, you can run the following command to ensure that no other process is utilizing this port:

$ netstat -tulnp | grep <port_number>

now am getting below message in log fie 

“Disabling Netty direct buffers”

could you send me the sample setup for TCP server origin configuration  for to listen log message from specific ports

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Hi @shaik111  Please find sample test pipeline from env ( SDC 5.6) 



Hi Rishi, Thanks for your inputs.. am trying to import and run the given pipeline its throwing some errors. do you have any video with configuration please share me it will be very helpful.

first they are asking to install libraries when am trying to install it showing below error