Split child records that are crosstabbed back into flat records

  • 15 February 2022
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Data comes from a monitor device, with test results of different elements. Those elements have 3 values, their ID, Their Value and any error messages.

The customer wants to see a flattened list of just Monitor Device and timestamp with a result of each element on seperate lines.

  1. Using the above we can achieve that, we import the data ignoring the header line. (hence labeling them with numbers)
  2. First we label the monitor “Parent” fields by using a field renamer
  3. We build a Empty map for us to correctly parse the records using expression evaluator 
  4. we use a field mapping processor, to map those groups of 3 fields ( checking we only remap columns that are numeric)
  5. now we have groups, we split the groups into records using a field pivot processor
  6. This leaves a single group per record but as a group, Lets tidy that up with a field flattener so all the records are at the same level 
  7. Finally we use a field renamer to label the 3 fields we have produced
  8. We ship that off to our secure storage facility…. or as this is a demo, into trash.

A Bit more detail on the field mapper




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